Thursday, July 29, 2010


Why does it rain the night you get to go to the river after being 31 degrees all damn day?

Why are some people so anti-social that I feel like maybe I’m THAT person in the relationship, you know, they’d like to hang out with him but is he bringing her too?

Why do I dress nicely only to sit uncomfortably behind a desk all damn day where no one can see what I’m wearing but I certainly can feel that it’s all too tight?

Why does alcohol taste so good on a hot day and feel so bad the next morning?

Why is it impossible to lose weight just by willing it to go away?

Why, when it is MY blog, do I feel like some extended absence explanation (and future warning) is necessary?

Why does my dog smell like his flesh is rotting off his body despite my attempts at grooming?

Why was that woman so angry that I honked at her that she leapt from her vehicle and offered to “beat your ass you fucking cunt?”

Why, in my 30’s, is it possible to feel so crazy and un-cool and still feel the need to try to impress the cool kids?

Why do I feel compelled to come up with more why’s?