Wednesday, May 24, 2006


In one Human Hour Al and I:

Drove to town;
Returned a Movie;
Looked for a new rental;
Bought Rum;
Bought Mix;
Drove Home;

In the same Hour of Puppy time My dog Franklin:

Ate my black dress shoes;
Ate my black CAT sandals;
Ate my blue slipper insoles;
Ate my brown slipper;
Chewed on my blue sandals;
Chewed on Al's blue sandals;
Ate my White Bra;
Ate my Phone bill; (do I still have to pay?)
Ate Al's new book;
Ate Al's old book:
Chewed the tag off my stuffed mouse;
Chewed the tag off my stuffed cow;
Ate the cat's catnip mouse;
Ate the cat's catnip ball;
Ate a magazine; (we still aren't sure which one)
Dragged every one of the above items into a different room than the ones they originated;

So, apparently every human year is 7 puppy years because every human hour is 7 puppy hours in which they can destroy your house!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


While we were in Edmonton we took a trip to Lee Valley to buy a sprinkler/irrigation system for our garden.

It's very neat, a big hose runs the length of the garden and little hoses come off of it. You make the little hose reach the plant you want to water then connect the little hose to a little sprinkler. In effect every plant has its own tiny little sprinkler. The sprinklers are staked into the soil and all is good.

Unless you own a dog.

The day we got home Al was out setting up the system. The next day when we got home from work there were a couple sprinklers that had magically "popped" out of the soil and on to the sidewalk.

Al put the sprinklers back in and scolded the dog.

The dog pulled MORE sprinklers out, and completely destroyed one.

Al put them back, and severly scolded the dog.

Undaunted, the dog continued to systematically wreck one little sprinkler a day!

On Thursday I bought the dog a garden fence!

"and she brought peace to the world and all was great!"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Kitty!

I get home from working late last night and find my husband outside, calling my little kitty.

Grizzly has been a pain to get in for the last couple of weeks but can usually be inticed by rattling food dishes or convincing him you fully intend for him to stay outside, you just really want to pet him. Not last night.
He just keeps meowing at me Al says. I call him, and indeed he meows back, but not in that "screw you I'm playing outside" tone but in the "help me I'm just a poor little kitty" tone

Something's wrong! I say- a statement which was met with a look that made me think that my husband was actually planning out how to get me to the mental hospital.

Off I go to "rescue" my kitty.

My Kitty, who was STUCK in a Tree about 8 feet up!

Jump I say to my kitty, c'mon, jump!
Meeeerrrererererowww, he says- which I have decided to interpret as meaning- I'm stuck in a tree here!

You got up there I say! Why can't you get down?
MEeerroereoreowrowereoreoew- I'm taking as- Hello?? STUCK! What part of STUCK aren't you getting?

So we coax, and we call, and we construct elaborate ways for him to get down fromt the tree- he decides... Its a game!! He starts "batting" at the limb we are using to "gently push" him in the right direction.

Finally Al made him a ramp and I swung a limb at the tree behind him in the hopes of scaring him down the ramp... it worked!

He ran down the ramp, and under the house... Now apparently he's been stuck in a tree all day and hasn't had enough time outside so we started getting "screw you" meows.
Ahhh the joys of a little kitty!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Its Been A Long Time...

My I haven't posted in FO- EVA!

I am just mad as a hatter at my doctor.

So I'm sick, and my doctor was on vacation.

no problem, everyone needs a vacation, I'm sure they are working very hard.

I sit at the walk in for an hour and the doc there says "yep, sick, let it run its course"

Groovy. I love that diagnosis... 8 years of medical training? You don't say?

So now I'm dizzy. Woozy, feel like my head is not attached to my body at times.

I go to my doctor, and wait and wait and wait and reschedule- for 5 Days Later!!

So I still feel awful and I'm dreading having to sit in his waiting room for an hour tomorrow.

Sick sucks!

Doctors suck!

It all sucks!