Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The New Couch.

So we got a new couch this weekend.
A super duper comfy black leather reclining couch.

Aaaaahh, sweet sweet couch.

It comes apart, they say, in three peices so you can move it in with ease.

But it doesn't come that way.

First you would have to get it out of the elaborate cloth, cardboard, wood, plastic labarynth of packaging.

Then you would have to figure out how exactly it comes apart, which would undoubtably
require you to turn it upside down, outside, out of its packaging.

Then once you had it inside you would have to put it back together again.

Forget that! We say!

We are strong..... it's a couch...... how heavy can it be?

Heavier than our hide-a-bed couch!

I have pulled the muscles in my arm so it hurts to press down with my middle and ring fingers.
Al almost broke his knee slipping on the ice and having one leg slide under the house at an angle reserved for pipe cleaners, while holding the heavy heavy couch.

I love the couch.

If we ever move we are taking it apart "for ease of transport"!!!!

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