Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I have 3 cats. 3 Fat, lazy cats. Lately the cats and I have noticed a scrtch scrtch scrtch noise coming from the walls. Mice. Mice are in my walls. I explain to the kitties that they only have 1 job. Do Not, Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, allow mice to invade our home.

Saturday a mouse enters the house- THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!

Kitties, I say, do your stuff- get rid of the mouse!

Sunday night/Monday morning 1am the little mouse runs from the kitchen to our bedroom. I grab the deadliest of the sleeping cats and throw him at the mouse. "Get It!" I yell,
And he does. He gets it, under his paw, lifts his paw to look at it....and it runs away. It starts hiding behind my laundry baskets (of which there are too many that are too full) so we move them and the cat runs after the mouse, and the mouse hides, and we move a basket... Repeat.
Out of baskets to hide behind the mouse runs out of the bedroom.

Now it's in the laundry room, behind the dryer.
We take all three cats into the laundry room.
We plug the entrance to the house.
We plug the entrances under the washer, dryer heater, everywhere he could go.
3 cats and a tiny room- this mouse is done!
Al scoots him out with a broom, he runs, the cats run, the mouse scoots through the 1/4 inch opening under the door and into the entryway.
Al flings open the door and the cats follow, out into the entry way, to the heater.

The mouse is in the heater.

I turn on the heat.
2 cats waiting in front of the heater....
Out comes the mouse and
BLAMMO! Gimli- the fattest, laziest cat we have- gets him, in his mouth!
Yeah for Gimli! Good Kitty, Way to do your...

He lets him go!

Not just lets him go, Tosses him away!

No No fat cat! This is not a toy!! Kill the mouse! Don't PLAY with the mouse!!!

And the chase is on again.

Al and I steering the mouse to the cats or the cats to the mouse.
Again he gets it! and again he tosses it away and bats it around, and then it runs....
Under this, Move that, Cat gets him, he runs, under this pull out that.... the cats decide- there is much too much running going on, they will just lie here, and eventually, the mouse will come back to them.


Al gets the mouse.

3 Cats and 2 Humans vs 1 Mouse took 2 hours, and nearly destroyed my house!
At 3 am we had upturned laundry baskets in the bedroom, towels and laundry stuffed in every nook and cranny in the laundry room, and EVERY piece of furniture, coat, box, hat, heater, garbage, recycling in the entry way had been moved or tipped over. There was broken glass, a wholly mess and a dead mouse!

Anyone wanna buy a cat?


  1. Should have let the dog get him...

  2. Franklin gave it a shot, but he's too slow, and the one time his tongue touched it I think it freaked him out all wiggly and stuff! Then he was just in the way.