Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Its Been A Long Time...

My I haven't posted in FO- EVA!

I am just mad as a hatter at my doctor.

So I'm sick, and my doctor was on vacation.

no problem, everyone needs a vacation, I'm sure they are working very hard.

I sit at the walk in for an hour and the doc there says "yep, sick, let it run its course"

Groovy. I love that diagnosis... 8 years of medical training? You don't say?

So now I'm dizzy. Woozy, feel like my head is not attached to my body at times.

I go to my doctor, and wait and wait and wait and reschedule- for 5 Days Later!!

So I still feel awful and I'm dreading having to sit in his waiting room for an hour tomorrow.

Sick sucks!

Doctors suck!

It all sucks!

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