Friday, February 09, 2007

The Good Samaritan

On my way
to work today
a truck was stopped
and in my way

I stopped to help
the fellow out
He was stuck
without a doubt

Wheels spinning
he rocked his truck
Back and forth
without any luck

Across the ice
I made my way
To push his truck
and get on with my day

I push and push
without progress
it seems he's in
quite a mess

Surely he has a phone
but I offer mine
Call a tow truck he says
and he'll be fine

I call my husband instead
This guy is stuck
and he's not right in the head

Help arrives
with a man and a truck
Without a rope he says
your out of luck

His 4x4
plows away through the snow
I think of the places
I wish i could go

To work for one
to be on time
This guy is costing me
more than a dime!

My Husband arrives
to save the day
Hooray finally
I will be on my way

Like the man before
he has no hope
The stuck man says
But I have a rope!

I can't believe he has a rope
I think
why didn't he say that earlier
the dink!

No place to hook it
My husband looks
Oh yes says stuck man
I have tow hooks

I'm stuck all the time
he says with a smile
By now we've been there
for quite a while

We tow him out
And to our chagrin
he drives ahead
and gets stuck again

It can't be done
he says with a pout
My husband gets in
and drives the stuck truck out.

Late for work
and frozen to the core
I think to myself-
What on earth did I stop for?

1 comment:

  1. Michelle9:30 PM

    Sounds like you didn't exactly have to best morning, but on the plus side, it's awesome to see that you're still writing poetry.