Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tax Man Cometh

I have completed my taxes.

I completed my taxes a couple of weeks ago actually, however I didn't physically have my RRSP receipts, plus there was that pesky "Net File" error.

So now I have everything and I'm ready to file,

I will update my Tax Wiz program which will take me an eternity on dial up
I will review my return, yet again, crossing the i's and dotting the t's
I will enter my T4's exactly as they appear
I will net file... and I will be audited.

I'm sure of it this year.

First, we are getting a substantial return.
We both overpaid all year "just in case the government comes up with some new and improved way to screw us". Plus we both got RRSP's this year, our first time with any real deductions.

Second, my T4's are wonky.
The "how to complete T4's for your employee's" page states that if the total income amount (box14) and the Taxable income amount are the same, you can leave the taxable income amount blank. Same for insurable earnings etc. If its the same, leave it blank it says. So my employer left it blank, on one of the T4's. See, my company branched off this year so I have 2 T4's, one of them has every box filled in, and one of them does not.
I have entered my T4's exactly as they appear, I wouldn't want the info I enter to differ from what my employer sent them!

But I definitely feel an audit coming on...


  1. Michelle10:02 PM

    That all sounds a lot like what we see everyday at work. I'm pretty sure you can stop worrying. Box 24 & 26 aren't that big of a deal and as for RRSP's and overpaying on tax, it definitely happens a lot. So you can just relax and wait for the check to come in the mail. Expect delays though, as CRA was down for a week and a half causing, I'm sure, all sorts of backlogs.

  2. Imagine that! Maybe I'll be just fine... Here's hoping!