Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Closet

Recently I noticed that after I do laundry, I tend to leave all the clean laundry in the basket and live out of there for the next week. Why is this? I wondered as I stared at our overflowing closet. Clothes are hanging and shoved in every nook and cranny. I occasionally pull something out, try it on, and decide it either: doesn’t fit; doesn’t look good; or is too full of holes to continue being worn. Then, like the intelligent woman that I am, I carefully fold the item into a large and nearly unidentifiable ball, and then shove it BACK in my closet.
I know! I amaze even me!

Well this Sunday I put my foot down. NO MORE! I cried. I’m tired of - that pair of overalls that used to look so cute but now don’t fit although even if they did you shouldn’t wear them because they are definitely not in style - staring back at me from the last spot I shoved them while I thought to myself “why do I still own these?”. NO MORE!

I pulled everything out of my closet. I mean EVERYTHING. The overalls, the jeans that I never should have bought, those shorts I really wanted to fit 4 years ago, the shirt that I can only wear at home cause its really ugly but really comfy that I never wear, the skirt that I can’t remember buying but I know it had to be only…7 years ago?
Everything. I went through it all. If it wasn’t in my most recent rotation I tried it on, talked myself out of it, and tossed it aside. If my husband hadn’t worn it since we’ve been married and he didn’t make a case for it, out it went.

Hours… It took me hours to complete! And at the end I was left with a very neat, still too full closet and two gigantic garbage bags (the lawn kind) full of clothes. I tied them up, and breathed a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing with all the clothes then?” my husband asked.

“Taking them to the salvation army or the value village drop off bins” I replied.

And then he took them.


I didn’t get to age them! I didn’t get to have the bags in the other room while I got used to those things not being in my closet!

I didn’t get to figure out if I had accidentally thrown something in there that indeed, I was wearing I just forgot because it had been buried.

I didn’t get to slowly pull things back out because even though I’ll never wear them I have some strange guilt / sentimental attachment to them.


So............. Anyone wanna go Shoppin?

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