Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge Accepted!

My Good Friend has Challenged me to post "something happy"

Resisting the urge to type HAPPY and leave it at that I have accepted said challenge:

A Random List of Things that make me smile:


My Dogs when they greet me all excited like when I get home

Major thunder and lightning storms

My husband, every single day

A warm fire on a cold day

A cold Bevvy on a hot day

Stupid people when they do stupid things that do not affect me in any way shape or form


My nephew, especially when he says words with hard T’s in them like waTer, or when he calls me ridiclious Aunty

A clean house (particularly one I did not clean myself)

My fat cat when he hollers at…everything

The sound of rain on a tin roof

Being completely goofy with my sister

Puppies, Kittens… baby fuzzy things in general

Friends who drop by work with tea

My entire family playing a game together or sitting around arguing, laughing, generally just being together

Playing Rockband with good friends when their kids go to bed

Accomplishing a major work project

Feeling wanted versus feeling needed

My Brother in-laws shocked face

Homemade wine … alright, any wine

Having such a large list of things that make me smile and knowing there are more...


  1. Cool.

    Maybe we should all have a day where we post nothing but happy thoughts.

  2. I made the list, I made the list... and Happy..who the hell does Happy?? Don't we use our blogs to be bitchy and vent? Oh and by the way...I notice this was a challenge..humm..yet I don't see a comment from the challenger.
    Just sayin'

  3. I know right? Here I made a special post JUST for my friend and... nada. Even when they made the list too!

    Fuck this Happy Shit!

  4. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Happy is a short trip for you guys! Well written list and glad that I made a cameo. :)