Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hell Week

So it was the second week from hell (yes I’m aware its only Thursday).

Week one was pins and needles time, its getting to that time of the year when my rollercoaster boss is on his down swing.

Then, after a small weekend respite of staying up too late and being bitchy to my husband because I was still stressed and now over tired, I started into week two.

Week Two was watching deadline after deadline slip away and not being able to meet any of them. Why shouldn’t everything that could go wrong go wrong….all at once.

Catch Phrase of the week: “Okay, well I will do that for you/get it fixed” *under breath* Cause I don’t have anything else I need to be doing or anything.

Monday I did well, I was stressed but not completely, I was determined to prevail. I dealt with my stress by going to the gym. Sweat out the stress…apparently this helps.

Tuesday I was a bit more bogged down, feeling bitchy, tired, under-slept and ready to crack. (yes I said under-slept and tired… I was THAT tired) I dealt with my stress by going into a whirlwind at home. I did laundry, tidied bedrooms, did the dishes, made lunches, took out bottles… all done with much banging and crashing and harrumphing of course. I even started on litter boxes but had worked myself up so much at that point that my husband took over for fear I might actually explode… which is a mess no one wants to clean up.

Wednesday came…and it stayed. It was the crux. It was not a hump day it was a mountain. I climbed that fucking thing all damn day and when I finally made it I came crashing down the other side. I caved, I got home bruised and broken and gave up. I dealt with my stress the way I always deal with my stress. I ate damn good fattening food, I drank the last of everything we had in the house (luckily it wasn’t all that much) and I smoked. Yes, I admit it I smoked. I guilted the shit out of myself already for it but at the time I didn’t care. It was a pity party for one and guilt was not invited.

So today is Thursday, the Thursday after my lapse back to self indulgent behavior as a coping method for stress and you know what? I feel great. I didn’t sleep enough, I’m still pushing deadlines but the mountain has been conquered, and the stress demon has been fed its allotment of indulgence.

Basically in a nutshell I’m still fucked the difference is now… I don’t really care!


  1. What the hell is this other means of stress relief you speak of??
    I am confused???

  2. This post should be framed and hung on my office wall. I am only sorry it took me this long to read it.

    This sounds so much like the week I am having THIS week - except I am too broke for booze, have already consumed everything with an alcohol content over .001% and wouldn't dare hold a ciggy within 5 feet of my mouth because in my present state of mind, I'd blow the last eight years of smoke free livin' in one weak moment... so basically, I'm trying not to eat everything that isn't bolted down or encased in cement.

    I'd take up kick boxing, but I'm just too damned sluggish from all the calories and fat.


    Hope this week has been better for ya.