Thursday, December 03, 2009

What a Great Night

So I had a plan for a blog today, I titled it "Speaking of Receptionists" and it was about the incompotence of the Receptionist in my office. I had it started and everything, and she really is spectacularly stupid.

Then, I came home. We were supposed to go to friends house for dinner. We were going out because of the earlier GE bitchfest regarding the fucked fridge. The Husband had taken it apart and worked on fixing it up and in doing so took out all the shelves so that it would defrost easier.

Dinner plans changed, Friend and that Kid decide to come to our place. No big deal, I'll just put the shelves back in the fridge so we can cook.

I put the top shelf in first, then thought, this is dumb. I should start at the bottom, so that I make sure they are spaced properly.

I take the vegetable drawers out of the bottom shelf and lift it up.

Doing so I smash my hand on something, causing it to not hold on properly. No big deal again, I get a better grip on it, rolling it into my arms.

Hey guess what? That glass on the bottom shelf is not actually attached to the plastic shelving parts....

Did you know that when tempered glass hits a tile floor EXACTLY on the corner it shatters?

Fucking Shatters. 7 or 8 more expletives shatters.

Finding glass over 10 feet away, shatters.

Should have gone to Friends for dinner...

Should have called a repair man...

Fuckin Fridge.


  1. The only thing that was missing was Mick Jagger singing "Shattered"!

  2. I should probably add a link!

  3. Who needs a fridge anyway? Isn't it winter?

  4. It's the receptionist's fault!

  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    So I take it, it shatters?

  6. Fridges are highly over rated appliances.

    Now that you are a shelf down, think of all the extra storage space you have to jam in and pile up food.
    Really I think your fridge is just trying to help you out.