Thursday, February 23, 2006

Animals Abound

On my way to work today I was struck by what an amazing part of the country I live in.
Sure maybe GP isn't the prettiest city, with its industrial park feel and diesel smell.
But where else can I drive to work and pass a pack of coyotes, 7 in all, running around?
Or a herd of deer, at least 10, eating their breakfast?
Or a Momma moose and her two babies, well adolescents, also chowing down in one field, and 3 more moose in another?
What an amazing morning! I want to just pull over and stare at them they are such amazing creatures!


  1. You wanting to stop ---hummm not in a hurry to get to work??
    Just joking - what a great morning!

  2. I know I know, it's shocking, I'm usually so timely!!

  3. Michelle10:59 PM

    I imagine the diesel smell has got to be better then that wonderful PG smell that you never go used to. After 5 years on not living there I can finally smell it again, and it's really nasty.