Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Makin' Babies

'Member back in High School when the Sex Ed lady would come in and give her baby making lecture?
Remember the "it only takes once" chat?

Why don't they tell you that that only applies to young, unwed girls who are at the point in their lives where a baby would be the worst thing in the whole wide world?

Why don't they tell you when they are recommending abstinence but advocating birth control that taking birth control can seriously hinder your chances of becoming pregnant later in life? You would think that would help the absitence argument!

Why don't they tell you that it may only take once but that is because you really only get one chance a month and when you are shooting for that chance your body will mess up so you can't actually track that chance?

Why don't they tell you that no matter how much you love kids spending time with people who apperar to be on a mission to repopulate the earth and could do it by looking at each other gets tiring and depressing?

Why don't they tell you that whether or not you have told people you are indeed trying to have a baby they will continue to ask things like "why haven't you gotten pregnant yet?" or "when are you going to have a baby?" or "aren't you trying to have kids?" and that while these things may be said in jest from them they are hurtful and frustrating when you actually are trying?

Why don't they ever tell you that while in high school it may only take once and you may lay awake at night fearing you have done something horrible, when you are older, and it doesn't take that one time you will still lay awake wondering if you have done something horrible?

Why does it feel like you will be young forever until you start trying to have a baby?

Why don't they tell you that although the practice may be fun, it sure would be nice to acheive your goal, so it could just go back to being practice!


  1. * big Hug*
    It will happen!!
    I am sending you happy thoughts. Happy fertile thoughts and not thinking about you trying to make babies - that would be weird.
    For the record you have not done anything horrible!!! nor are you old - damn!! But I do concur that nothing makes you feel old than thinking about having a baby.

  2. Thanks, we spent family day surrounded by the super spawners- my landlords kids. We were there with our dog. It felt kind of pathetic!