Sunday, February 26, 2006

Health Care

So the other day I'm listening to the news and there is some interview, with some guy, stating that Ralph Klein was sneaky and hid his agenda to privatized health care. The guy claimed that Ralph hid his intentions until after he was re-elected and is now campaigning for privatization of healthcare.
Now, I have lived in Alberta for 3 years, and I don't really follow politics at all. I actually am quite ignorant about who stands for what and why. The one thing I do know, and have known since I moved here, was that Ralph Klein is going for private healthcare. I'm not sure what rock this guy climbed out of, but buddy, there was no sneakiness, no secret, you just weren't paying attention.
Now, being a bit politically ignorant I don't really know how private health care would even affect me. What I do know is that people are against it. It sounds bad, it sounds like I would have to pay an atrocious amount of money to get services that right now cost me.... Oh wait, an atrocious amount of money!
I was looking through my bills today and we owe Alberta Healthcare $132.00 Each. That is $264.00 for 3 months of being able to go to the doctor. Then we pay $190.00/month for my extended medical, and $150.00/month for my husbands. Totaled up we are paying $428.00 a month for health benefits we may, or may not need! This is freaking me out! I mean really, how much more can private health care cost??
Oh and I'm sure it could cost more, but that isn't my point here. My point is I feel like I'm paying through the nose for crappy health care! I pay over $400 a month to have my doctor tell me that they can only discuss one problem because they have other patients waiting. What if I'm dying of some horrible illness that can only be detected if you take two symptoms into consideration at the same time???? Doesn't my money cover that? Nope, sorry NEXT!

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